Ode to black

Who said that black is a color that does not communicate?

Those who havedecided that black is a color expressing negativity, evil and darkness.

Like all things, even these names are nothing more than a convention.

As much as chrysanthemums are used as flowers in funerals, here in Italy. Because – as you know – its meaning is elsewhere joy, vitality.

White exists because there is black.

I would really like to know who has decided that white shallbe synonymous with life and therefore black of death.

Personally, for example, I think it is worth the opposite. Pale faces are gloomy. Black is strength, white weakness.

Actually from a socio-cultural point of view, I join the position of those who use black as an unconventional form of communication to show their will to go against the mass and not to follow the guidelines dictated by society to go the way of their own will instead.

Black is revolutionary 🙂

I often read articles where real crusades are being made against black.

My colleagues, Image Consultants, argue about how much this color is the abnegation of the personality.

Why that?

I promote an ode to black, which, although it is not considered as a real color, absolutely does exist in the world.

Of course, you should not abuse it.

Coming to the point of style issue, I am the first one to say to customers that an entire wardrobe full of black clothing is not appropriate.

Introducing color in our clothing is important because it really helps to enhance ourselves, but if there are people who love this color, wear it proudly while expressing their identity, I do not understand why we shouldinduce them to exclude it.

When I used to work in the field of marketing and communication, one of the phrases that were often repeated among colleagues wasthat ‘A company communicates even when it does not‘.

When we had the opportunity to relate to a brand that did not invest in communication, we analyzed what its reputation with the public was.

It was regularly discovered that users gotanyway an idea of the company that was behind, because its image came equally strong to the interlocutor, beyond those that could be the communication messages guided by the brand.

The fact that this image was then consistent with the brand values is another story.

Communication, if well managed, should serve indeed to establish a dialogue with your target customers based on ethics, transparency and substance.

Let us go back to our world. If the previous statement is true, it is not true that if I wear black, I do not communicate.

In fact, I am stating a specific idea of mine and mywill to express it.

Black is mystery, it is seduction, elegance.

It is associated with something rare, unique and precious. Just think of black diamond, black rose, black butterflies with wings that look like velvet, black cats with their glittery hair.

Can we say that they are not wonderful things?

Should not that be the case and then sorry, but why celebrating the charm of Chanel’s black dress or Audrey Hepburn’s black sheath in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

When in October 1926 for the first time the little black dresspeeps on the pages of the American “Vogue”, it has the subversive power of a revolt. It is the affirmation of sophistication expressed by subtraction, that is to say the elimination of the redundancy of the evening dresses used until then.

Today black is simply a color to be handled with great wisdom.

Certainly, there are women to whom black does not suit at all, to the same extent as orange would never suit me (for I am a pure winter).  And here we go into color analysis to understand what our friend or enemy colors are.

Especially black can generate two effects: it can give you a lot of personality or make you anonymous.

It is not the color itself that gives this result, it is us.

Those who have personality and wear black enhanceit further.

Those who do not have it are definitely killed by black. Then it is death, darkness and oblivion.

For these people black is a kind of corner where to take refuge to hide fully. To camouflage themselves.

If white is the blank page on which to write our story, it is with black that this story will remain forever immortal.

If you love black, do not be afraid to wear it but then take the strength out of this color to feel safe in dealing with the world, not to get lost in it because nobody notices you!

Let us put it down in black and white! 🙂

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