Fall Winter 2018 Shoes: everything you need to know for the right ones

We all women go crazy for just one accessory, and this is shoes.

It’s not just the fault of Cinderella who has taught us since we were little girls how the right pair of shoes can change our life, but it’s a matter of style, personality.

Wearing a nice pair of shoes immediately changes the mood and makes us feel instantly more beautiful, taller, more confidentand ready to conquer the world.

Who cares if it is sling back, court shoes, boots or ankleboots: the right shoe can give us a new look,it can improve posture, making unique even the simplest of outfits.

There are even those who collect them (the undersigneddoes it also in miniature version);those who have a pair for each occasion or for any outfit, those who have more variants of the same model, and those who dreamof a shoe rack as the one that Mister Big gave to Carrie.

Nevertheless, if shoes are a crucial accessory, as well as pleasure and pain (especially when the heels make us dream of a couple of ballet flats after hours and hours spent upright), it is also true that the wrong shoe can take away our charm, it can even wreck the most sought-after dress and immediately downgradeus from being Miss Stile to “What did you put on?”.

In particular, you do not need to take care only aboutthe type of shoes you wear,the style, the color or height of the heel, but also aboutthe fact that the shoe shall be suitable for our silhouette. Even the most beautiful shoe in the world will not make justice to those who wear it, unless it is fit for their physicality.

However, before seeing how to choose the type of shoe (and heel) suitable for every silhouette, let’s review what are the must-have models for Fall Winter 2017/18 taking the cue, as always, from the various fashion weeks of the season .

Just wait before packing away your sandals in the attic! In cold weather, you will keep on wearing them: parquet in the season peak colors such as red, burgundy and dark blue, or in an elegant velvet with bow. Well teamed with opaque tights, but even cooler if worn with socks in a perfect street style.

Mary Janes are another must-have: rigorously with a small heel, white colored with a strap or the Sixties pastel colors pumps with a super sober heel (also in an alternative version like Maison Margiela’s ones).

In great vogue are also the pumps with a classic heel and jewel applications on the shoe upper (see Rochas) and vintage glam shoes with a super square heel (seen at Tory Burch’s) or spool heel on a t-strap model basis.

Boots Chapter: red boots will be the season must-have in the models you prefer: ankle boots, slouchy boots (soft suede calf, the Seventies-style heirs), lace-up or in the furry shoes style, that is with colored eco-fur inserts.

As seen on the Fendi and Bottega Venetacatwalks, also the beautiful (and very difficult to wear) cuissardes will keep on booming, as well as the mannish style black boots, in leather and patent leather with tip.

As what concerns the heel matter, kittenheel is going to be the season winning heel: small and feminine, it almost becomes everyone and is also comfortable. On the other hand, we think that platform is overstated, perhaps even a little Baroque as seen on the MiuMiu and Mary Katrantzou catwalk.

Another interesting trend is the floral print, sometimes of Japanese inspiration, or with a sparkle effect, therefore in glitter and Lurex.

Let us now see how each figure has its shoe and how to choose the perfect shoe for every silhouette.

Let us say that it is a matter of geometry and harmony of the shapes: the right shoe must slim, hold correctly the body weight, become any shape and be appropriate to the dress worn.

Difficult? Absolutely not.

For example, those who do not exceed one meter and fifty-five will definitely need a shoe with a heel that slims and makes them look taller. Nevertheless,while choosing the heel, you must take into account your body shape: slim women can dare to wear stilettos but soft and shapely women should opt for a wider heel (let us say 2sq. cmX up to 10cm – base x height).

Although short women are convinced that the platform helps conquering a few centimeters, I unfortunately have to dispel this myth.

The platform weighs the foot down and if, besides small height, you have an abundant shape, the final effect will certainly not communicate weightlessness.

Whether it is a stiletto heel or a wider one, always prefer a thin sole. It is more elegant and harmonizes better, in its minimalism, with your height.

Breaking the verticality of the leg with its horizontal line, the ankle strap is also banned, and so are the ankle boots. For the same reason avoid shoes with square tip, rather choose pointed shoes to create an optical effect of leg extension up to the lower extremities. The wise use of socks is also helpful. The socks will always have to match with the shoes.

Classic t-strapsare advisable for those exceeding one meter and sixty and with a slim body,(the same are not recommended instead to the “short ones” because they “cut” the length of the leg). Open-toe shoes with or without platform (the timeless pump shoes) will be perfect for those having a full body silhouette and perhaps well-turned legs and calves. With regard to boots, the choice should be made not so much in relation to overall height as to the center of mass. If you have long slender legs you can go for high boots even with a jeans inside; conversely, if you have short and well-turned legs, it would be better to avoid any high boot because it would optically make the leg even shorter. Put rather boots or ankle boots.

To those who reach one meter and seventyare granted some of the most difficult shoes to wear because they normally “shorten” the figure: I would say “yes”to  ankle boots with a nice sturdy heel supporting the ankle without penalizing you even if you are curvy. I would say “ok” to high heel ankle strap round toe pumps if you are slender instead.

In general, if your body shape is apple-shaped (broad shoulders and bust, narrow hips) you are always advised a block heel to compensate for the upper part of the body. A stiletto heel would accentuate the inverse triangle shape.

Over one meter and seventy, it is better not to overdo with the heel height: at this height, if you are slender and have thin legs, you can afford multiple strap shoes, the famous cuissardes and all spool heel shoes. Just choose round toe shoes if you want to shorten optically a foot that is usually proportional on these heights and therefore gets a position between 3 and 41. If you are shapely, choose block heel pumps, ankle boots or boots with a slight block heel to balance the figure.

And if you really have any doubts, let yourselves be advised by an image consultant who, starting from the analysis of your figure, will suggest what are the models and colors that best fit not only your body shape but also your personal style.

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