The colors of our wardrobe say a lot about us.

The title of today’s article is obviously provocative, but contains a great truth: if fashion is the non-verbal language through which we all express our personality and relate to society, it is equally true that the colors we choose say much of our character.

There is a real ‘color psychology’ that is applied to different fields, from marketing, for example as what concerns the choice of brand colors, to design where the use of certain colors is associated with the advantages they can offer to the environment in terms of well-being.

Then there is chromotherapy. This discipline states that colors would help the body and the mind to regain their balance, and would have physical and psychological effects that can stimulate the body and even heal it from certain pathologies.

Applied to the world of clothing, chromotherapy rests its foundations on principles similar to those that affect the individual in the choice of the color of the clothes to wear based on a determined state of mind. That is why it is often used to stimulate certain emotions and not only in those who wear that particular color, but also in those who observe us from the outside.

A study of a few years ago showed how women dressed in rose succeeded in having a greater influence on men.

Color theory, or rather color harmony applied to the field of Image Consultancy, aims at finding our ideal palette with the purpose of enhancing our skin-eye-hair combination. Color analysis is essential to have a wardrobe that really helps us to achieve harmony between worn clothes and natural colors to be instantly more beautiful and bright.

The truth, however, is that we women have always had a fairly conflictual relationship with the colors of our clothes: simply open the wardrobe and have a quick look at the various items hanging on coat hangers to understand what I’m talking about.

Many of us definitely adore total black and do not wear anything else except black, indulging in just a few rare exceptions: a touch of white or gray, a touch of red and a blue flash, but they are rarities and often limited to accessories.I COLORI CHE INDOSSI PARLANO DI TE

There are women instead who love all the shades on earth and you will often see them wearing colors like beige, dove-grey, brown, ivory and so on.

There are also women who love colors and dare wearing solar shades such as yellow, red, orange, fuchsia … but then for an important evening end up choosing the classic little black dress, because “black is more elegant.”

So how much do colors say about us? A lot really.

Let us think about how many prejudices we have on white worn from the waist down or on total white. For heaven’s sake, in summer nobody renouncesa little white dress, maybe made from broderie anglaise, but seeing a woman totally dressed in white in full winter either with a pair of trousers or a white pencil skirt is quite rare.

We find white more easily as under-jacket tops, in underwear and in some accessories; the same as for the brightest colors: it is much easier to see a woman with an emerald green bag or a pair of red and purple shoes rather than seeing her entirely dressed in those colors.colori-che-indossi-bianco-2

There are many reasons why women often fall back on colors considered passe-partout. Some do not like bright colors because they have the impression of showing off; others are not sure about color matching and prefer to focus on what they know best so as not to make a bad impression; still others find the colors too exaggerated and not very elegant especially if placed perhaps on flashy prints.

In reality, there are beautiful colors that, if skillfully matched, are able to emphasize the beauty of the colors of each of us. For example, we think of shades such as red, purple, green, yellow: they are beautiful colors that, if combined with neutral shades are universally accepted by society, but if mixed together immediately trigger off the alarm bell that makes us say, “Are we matching everything well? Aren’t I exaggerating? ”

Yet it is simple: the perfect match is the one that mixes colors belonging to the same color range.

An example? Blue and green, blue and lilac, orange and red, pink and fuchsia, purple and red and so on.

Instead we often tend to fall back on black because we think it is perfect to be elegant, it has a slimming effect and makes us look impeccable, but black (as well as white) is a non-color and if not well used it may be a double-edged sword.

Black is the color of elegance indeed, but those who always wear black do not necessarily want to be elegant: there are women who wear black to avoid being noticed, to be “transparent”, ending up looking anonymous and without personality.

On the other hand, white is often viewed with suspicion because it tends to dilate the forms optically and make us look curvier than we are; the truth is that it is the line of clothing we are wearing and even the fabricto determine this type of result.

Let’s try to match colors with different styles.

Those who love elegance will never wear flashy prints or bright colors, but will always prefer passe-partoutsand neutral shades like black, white, gray, dark blue, green and beige.

A fashionista on the contrary will definitely follow the trends of the moment and will have no problem wearing the color palette of the year, often daring combinations of colors and particular prints.

Instead, you will hardly see a sportswoman wearing printed fabrics: she will prefer technical fabrics, which, in most cases, are made using unisex colors like blue, blue and white, focusing exclusively on monochrome.

Yet it will not be difficult to see a woman with a seductive personality wearing animal prints and nuances like fuchsia, purple, red, because she knows they are aggressive and vivid shadesthat will emphasize her personality rather thanher physical aspect.

The exact opposite of the romantic woman: her wardrobe will be a pastel rainbow full of delicate, floral and tender prints, while a creative woman will love to wear colors and pop, geometric or psychedelic prints, with a triumph of warm shades such as yellow, orange and the shocking pink because able to best represent her eclectic personality.


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