When talking about make-up, women are usually divided into three large groups.

Beauty addicts

There are those who love to wear make-up: their bathroom cabinet looks like the make-up division of a multinational company with all conceivable products. Brushes are divided by type of use, nail polishes are sorted by color gradation and infinite shades of eye pencils, foundations, eyeshadows and blushes to be dosed and mixed with the grace of a seasoned make-up artist.


Then there are fresh-faced women who love a natural look and hate wearing make-up (or do it a little at a time).

Last minute make-up fans

Finally, there are women who like to put on cosmetics but they always rush around and end up bungling in front of the car’s mirror at the red light. Or they settle for a quick touch of lipstick as they run to take their children to school, but then regret not having put a little blush on their cheeks as soon as they realize they have the same color of Carrara marble.

Let’s say that even those who belong to the first and second category will have happened more than once to need a quick make-up, maybe just outside home.             A situation through which more or less we passed all and where we all experienced the same discomfort: how to make-up in a complete and quick way, without bungling foundation, powder, eyeshadow & co and without having to bring along the entire beauty case?

First, let’s start with a fundamental concept: knowing how to make-up (well) is an art that can be learned and improved over the years.

The important thing is that you know well your face, your strengths and small defects to emphasize the former and camouflage the latter.


That is why, when you have doubts about which colors may look best on your skin or the type of make-up you need to choose, it is always better to contact an image consultant.

In this way, you get to know perfectly the color and shape of your face so that you can wear make-up focusing on a few elements to be perfect right away in just a few minutes.

We all know in fact how the right make-up is able to make chubby cheeks look slimmer; to make small or sunken eyes look bigger; to make thin lips appear more beautiful and soft while giving us a porcelain skin with a few skillful touches.

It is essential however to know the colors that best look on us: only in this waythe make-up will look natural and not artificial and will bring out the beauty of every woman emphasizing solelyher strengths.

For example, the foundation color should be chosen in accordance with the background color of our skin, the same goes for the concealer, the blush. The color of eye shadows and lipsticks instead should be adjusted to the color of the iris and the shape of the mouth: for example, blue pulls out the best from green eyes and hazelnut speckled with goldenlightens the dark ones. Light lipsticks tend to make lips look bigger, especially if you add a touch of final gloss, while dark lipsticks, especially the matte ones, tend to make lips look slimmer, and so on.

Therefore, it is fundamental to know how to choose according to the characteristics of your face.

But when make-up needs to be super-fast, what are the products to focus on?

I suggest 6 that are essential and will solve the problem of “making-up away from home” with a few simple strokes.The extra suggestion is to prepare your skin before leaving by spreading your favorite moisturizer on your face; then adding a primer that will help to smooth the epidermis and prepare it to hold make-up and keep it unchanged for longer.

Here are the “fantastic 6” you should always have with you in your handbag for a last minutemake-up or for quick touches up.

  1. Powder foundation: You need to choose it in the shade that best matches the basic tone of your skin, so pink for the “cold” (very light skin, light eyes and dark or very light hair) and beige for the “hot” “(darker, golden or olive complexion, dark eyes and dark or brown hair). The powder foundation is very convenient because it can be laid with a sponge soas not to get your hands dirty. It has the same coverage (even more if wet) than a fluid foundation, it is more suitable for those with mixed or greasy skins because it gives a finish that is more matte and easy to carry in the bag for quick adjustments during the day.
  2. Concealer: The same concept as for the foundation. It has to be chosen according to the skin tone. Specific correctors are then used to “cancel” certain defects: for example, the green one cancels the redness of the imperfections, while the yellow or the orange one are  usefulfor example to neutralize dark or purple circles under the eyes. Texture is also important: for a quick effect, it is better to choose the newer ones that are applied like a lipstick.


  1. A 3-in-1 face powder: To complete your face make-up while performing a triple action: fixative for the foundation, illuminating the complexion and allowing a slight contouring to shape the oval of the face.
  2. Blush: Fundamental to give the face a healthy and fresh look, the blush should be chosen in a peach shade for the cold ones, while an apricot nuance is quite becoming for the warmest ones.
  3. Mascara: It is the only product dedicated to eye make-up that can be kept in a purse for making up quickly outside home without combining disasters: just a quick layer of black mascara (it suits everyone) with a volumizing effect to give immediately a more intense look. It is better to avoid eye pencils, kajals and eyeliner that require a Zen patience and a little extra time to avoid troubles.
  4. Gloss: A touch of color on the lips is essential; in this case also the gloss, instead of the lipstick, avoids bungling if you are perhaps wearing make-up in the car because it is smear-proof. Lipstick, on the other hand, should be applied well to avoid unsightly accumulations of color and the use of a lip pencil is often involved, so it takes more time. What are the gloss shades to choose? All the variations of red coral for the warm ones, those of red plum for the cold ones.




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