I work with self-employed professionals and managers

I provide workshops in companies, where I explain to the personnel working in commercial area, middle management and front-end staff that deal with the public, how form and essence can be combined together, through a guided image and communication consulting path.

Combining together and harmonizing who you are and how you look, is easy if you understand that these are two sides of the same coin. Image and personal style perfectly get along together with communication and contents. Their synergy within a unique path generate win-win results and exponential benefits both for company and people.

I lead self-employed professional and managers, who represent the face of their business, of their company, through all the Personal Branding path, so that they can express consistency between the individual person and his or her professionality. This is sometimes a very intimate path, because it also touches personal style, life objectives and career, it is, however, useful because, it improves the positive effects obtained through the awareness you reach, when you find out your value and your unicity.

Are you wondering about what we could work on together? On all these matters!

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