I am an open window upon the world, an unstoppable, enthusiastic person.
I love everything that creates emotions and that encourages growth and evolution.
I cannot do without everything that enriches my soul: music, cinema, theatre, books, arts.

I draw fully from the beauty and transform it to make energy.

I like being surrounded by people from whom I can learn, with whom I can exchange views and create a positive synergy, a natural empathy.

I adore making other people feel self-confident, sure of their image and, above all, of their inner and unique value.

At work, I put all my soul into play, so that those who have chosen to work with me, could benefit most from our cooperation.

I am a true person.

With principles and values rooted in every day’s life and in my job.
I believe in authentic, honest, and transparent relationships, private and professional.

I am curious.

Curiosity is my fuel. Knowing, experimenting, foreseeing the new trends, pushing myself a bit further are all features of my nature: being like this allows me to get a lot of impulses, that I can work out and put them at the service of the people I meet.

Every experience I have, becomes nourishment for my job.
The nice thing is to be able to link every one of them in order to find out new fascinating ideas.
Unusual links feed one the other, like the one between my competences in the field of communication and the passion for fashion and the beauty, however the two souls cannot be split. The one feeds the other, like the professional life draws fully from the private life and vice-versa, because what I am becomes inspiration for what I do.

Enthusiastic and creative by nature, I am also reliable and professional when it comes to my job.
I practice empathy, I could not do otherwise. In my opinion, each relationship is based on the fact, that we are all human and on the ability to quickly understand other people’s difficulties and goals.
I like to set my customers at ease, to work with them without useless distances, and in an atmosphere of complicity and trust.
I consider every relationship arisen from my consultancy, as a voyage that begins inside oneself and that goes on inevitably in the external world.

About you

You are an individual, a self-employed professional, a manager or a company and you do might not recognise yourself in the way you communicate and behave with the others. You might need to feel more confident, more credible and to improve your chances to succeed.

Every one of us should find his or her own personal style, that helps us express our personality, without forgetting the context we live in.

Always using the common sense, that in style is called elegance.

You can affirm yourself, by working on the details, matching the right colours, enhancing your strengths.

If you are a professional, you know what I am talking about: you represent your Brand, that is why you know how much your image and your communication on line and in person can tell about you. They need to be taken into consideration and, above all, to be harmonized one with the other, so that they can transmit a clear and direct message that talks authentically about you.

What’s the purpose of image and communication consulting?

  • It makes you feel at ease with the clothes you are in.
  • It gives energy and power to your communication, and to you the certainty to reach the targets you have set for your professional and personal life.
  • It identifies the personal style that helps you to better communicate your message.
  • It creates consistency between your personal image and your public identity, aligning who you are with what you do.
  • It helps you to remain focussed on and aware of your strengths.
  • It optimises your presence online and offline, made by image and communication, to create a defined and recognisable identity.
  • Through the authenticity you will find back along this path, you will acquire your interlocutors’ credibility and confidence.
  • It contributes to define or improve Personal Branding or Brand Identity strategies in order to support your business.
  • It helps you face with self-confidence specific situations, a job interview, a particular evening, a meeting with people from other cultures that need the respect of a certain dress code.

Do you want to know how?